What is A Strong Canada?

A Strong Canada is a campaign to get regular Canadians more involved in their government through simple actions. After seeing what happened in the 2016 American election, we started A Strong Canada to ensure the radical populism that swept across our southern neighbours never becomes a reality in Canada.

Mission Statement

To create an ongoing national media campaign that promotes positive and open discussion in Canadian politics.

Vision Statement

To lead with integrity and engage the Canadian public through legitimate and innovative ideas.

Core Principles

  1. American-style politics do not belong in Canada
  2. Action can and must be taken by every Canadian to protect the integrity of our political system
  3. Canadians deserve the opportunity to engage in reasonable discourse with all other Canadians regardless of political stance

To accomplish this we are encouraging Canadians of all political stripes (and those without any) to engage in healthy, positive discussion instead of bitterly arguing partisan talking points without resolution. It means choosing politicians with strong policy-oriented ideas and rejecting radical populist candidates who threaten to diminish the Canadian rights and virtues through the promotion of isolationist policy and the rhetoric of xenophobia.

In the short-term, it means that every Canadian must turn their attention to the 2017 Conservative Leadership Race and get involved by joining the Party, even if it’s something you’d normally never consider, to have your say in choosing Canada’s next potential Prime Minister.