Get Involved

How You Can Get Involved

The New Democratic Party of Canada of Canada is poised to elect their new leader in either September or October. Until August 17th, Canadian citizens can join the NDP. By joining the Party you will be able to help choose a strong candidate and democratize Canada further.

In every Federal leadership race, a very small percentage of Canadians elect the new leader of any given party. We believe that more Canadians need to be involved in these leadership elections to better represent the will of all Canada instead of just the select few making the decision.

By voting in the NDP Leadership Race you are expressing your desire as a Canadian to support a democratic and open election process that all citizens can engage in.

How To Do This

It’s simple:

1) Spend $25 and renew or join the NDP by August 17th.
2) Research the candidates and find one you could see as a reasonable and principled Prime Minister
3) Vote in the leadership election campaign on or before September 10th. Click here to find out how to vote