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Cross-Partisanism is a new and socially-disruptive form of political engagement. Let’s be clear, it’s “socially-disruptive” in a positive way, like Lyft. It’s simple. If you lean left, you go right, and vice versa.
In Canadian terms, if you feel strongly that the Conservative party’s policy lacks environmental focus, or that the Conservatives are socially regressive, you should become a Conservative.
On the other side of things, if you’re a self-described Conservative, and are disheartened by what you see as the Left’s disregard for Freedom of Speech, or their fiscal irresponsibility, then you need to join the NDP.
Throughout 2017, people have been taking action and “Party Swapping” in this way.
Why are so many people doing this?
In short, to put steer the country to positive, unified outcomes that benefit all Canadians.
As a society, we’re becoming increasingly tribal as we seal ourselves off into comfortable ideological echo-chambers. We’re all guilty of this, and the fact is even if you’re trying hard not to do the echo-chamber thing our increasing use of social media is forcing us into it via content-aggregation algorithms (and Russia!).
The result of all this? Politics is now a team sport dominated by bitter rivals that may not even know why they oppose one another. Look no further than down South to see where this goes and exactly how bad it can get.

What can you do?

Cross-partisans from across the country are now involved in their local riding organizations and we’d like you to join them in promoting good policy on the grassroots levels of the NDP and Conservative parties.
Let’s be very clear. We are not promoting this idea to hurt the Conservative Party or the NDP or trying to create “three Liberal parties” as some have wrongly concluded. We simply want to live in a Canada where people on the Left, Right and Centre can aspire to greater ideas and see them come to life by working together instead of engaging in an endless pissing match pitting the population against itself.

“Will I be a spy or something?”

Uhh, sure. You can call yourself whatever you want.

“I’m kind of worried though, what I get into a riding association and they find out why I’m there?”

Not all cross-partisans choose to announce themselves once they find their way into association meetings. Some have, and have found the people they’ve met in the receiving parties and riding associations to be pleasant and welcoming of the new ideas and fresh energy, but many of us have chosen not to announce ourselves.
We keep track of who is participating in cross-partisanism, where, and to what effect, but our list is kept private. It’s also double-triple encrypted and only we’ve got the key. Ideally, we could operate with maximum transparency but usually the ridings that need our help the most are less welcoming to new, future-friendly ideas.

So how do I do it?

It’s simple. Get in touch and we’ll fill you in from there.


​An article was recently published in The Hill Times about A Strong Canada, and our involvement in a new initiative by forward-thinking Conservatives to fundamentally change and shift their Party. This Hill Times article described us as political heavyweights; while we’re very happy with the results we’ve achieved in depolarizing political discussions, we have a much more humble view of ourselves. There are several points that were brought up as a result of this article that we’d like to clarify…

1) Yes, it’s true. We absolutely have been involved in discussions and meetings with new and longstanding members of the Conservative party with the goal of transforming the #CPC into a party that actually has the ability to attract Canadians with progressive leanings who also hold small-c values. Of equal importance; we’re also holding our own events to advance ideas that aren’t just beneficial to the Conservative party but to all parties and to all Canadians – read about them here.

2) We remain completely multi-partisan. Our core team includes members from all four major parties, apartisans, and everyone in between. This is the most important aspect of who we are and what makes us different from other “nonpartisan” poltical groups, and it means while we constantly disagree on stuff, we’re always finding creative new solutions to our shared issues and problems.

3) We couldn’t care less about partisan credentials. Seriously, #nofucksgiven. Our lack of credentials is our credential.

We were present at these Conservative meetings and held our own to help form ideas and create platforms that will benefit all Canadians – and no, we’re not trying to get jobs as your personal aides John Baird, so stop asking.

It’s far too easy to become sidetracked in any effort, be it business, personal or political. Sidetracked and waylaid by the age old question; “who will pay for this?” A Strong Canada operates at a loss because we care about this country and its future and want to make sure there are voices out there without strings attached to them. While we are sometimes explosive, we’re here because what we do is enjoyable, fun and potentially country-changing stuff. Our goal is to create meaningful and lasting discussions that will improve Canadians’ lives, and that’s something we can all agree on. So stick with us even if we disagree on the details (especially if we disagree!) and let’s have some explosive, funny and passionate conversations about our country.



​We officially launched A Strong Canada on February 21st, 2017.
Since then we’ve had over 125,000 video views across our channels, over 1 million people have at least seen our logo and we’ve spent countless hours writing, producing videos, arguing, agreeing and finally presenting you all with the best coverage of the Conservative Leadership Election we could on a negative budget.

We’re proud to have helped fill a gap through our grassroots media coverage, a job that traditionally would have been performed in the mainstream – asking candidates questions and reporting on them. Instead, Canada’s fifth estate was singularly focused on the story of Kellie Leitch and Kevin O’Leary’s aberrant or outlandish antics. The media-bias towards sensationalism is well documented and understood. The stories they promote are the stories that sell, the stories that people care about – or at least, the stories that news outlets think will capture the public’s attention.

Together we can change that conversation and these past 3 months have proven it possible. Regular people are interested in what candidates have to say when it is presented in a clear, concise and interesting manner. Media and personal conversations are becoming increasingly dominated by extreme views (from the far-left and far-right) leaving moderate voices silenced – it’s time to have well-reasoned and nuanced opinions take center-stage, and this will not be accomplished by looking back, but by stepping forward.

Instead of asking to be heard, the middle must demand a seat at the table and become the leading voice. The centre must also insist that intolerance of opinions, deliberately inflammatory sentiments, and shouting down of difficult discussions have no place at the table. Full stop.
We hope you continue engaging with us – we’ve only just begun and need voices from across the spectrum to come along on this political journey. We’re launching a new kind of media for a new era – a New, New Media – one where political engagement has no stripe, where anyone can respectfully join the conversation regardless of their position or ideological background.

When we started ASC our mission was simple: Encourage positive political discussion in all Canadians. We stand by that today and want all Canadians to work together towards solutions for a challenging future. It’s a new Canada in a new era, with a new politics. We hope you join us as we help define what that means to Canadians from coast to coast.

​See you in August, NDP.



​Kevin O’Leary has departed the Conservative party leadership race due to lack of support in Quebec – the direct result of A Strong Canada’s public work and behind the scenes consensus building.  ASC has been working with numerous groups to bring a modern voice to the Conservative party during their election and beyond.  Canadians from across the political spectrum have joined the party to stop Kevin O’Leary and Kellie Leitch from being elected while demanding the party represents important issues concerning all Canadians in the 21st century.

​According to Nicholas Tsergas, Director of A Strong Canada, “The strength of our numbers and drive towards ballot-consolidation within the CPC Influx Movement has allowed us to engage meaningfully with the Party, the campaigns, and with community leaders across the country.” Tsergas continues “Our work has resulted in the removal of Kevin O’Leary from the ballots of tens of thousands of voters across Canada.”

​Many were shocked last week when the Conservative Party membership number almost doubled to 259,000 from the expected 140,000.  Recent polling indicates that anywhere from 40,000 – 60,000 new members are part of the Influx Movement, a movement which started out of a desire to stop Kevin O’Leary and Kellie Leitch but has since evolved into a powerful united force seeking to modernize the Conservative Party.  Estimates from Party insiders as to the actual number of Influxers are as high as 100,000.

In the coming weeks, A Strong Canada will continue to coordinate with other groups and consolidate the ballots of the Influxer Movement – partner group Tolerable Opposition has released their preferred ballot as of April 30th. ASC continues to engage via in-depth assessments of the remaining candidates through video interviews being posted to Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.

The front-runners still in contention for the first four slots of ASC’s ballot, in no particular order, are:

Lisa Raitt, Chris Alexander, Michael Chong, Maxime Bernier
Andrew Saxton, Deepak Obhrai, and Rick Peterson


Statement on Suspected Election Fraud

March 18, 2017

As of March 16th roughly 1,400 new members of the Conservative Party have had their memberships revoked due to a violation of party rules. A Strong Canada assures those following our campaign that everything we are promoting is in accordance with the Conservative Party’s constitution, policies and ethical statements. The 1,400 memberships in question were revoked for reasons that have nothing to do with our campaign. The 1,400 disqualifications were a case of what appeared to be vote buying, an unfortunately still common practice in modern Canadian politics.

ASC is still working to ensure that all Canadians voices are heard at this pivotal moment in Canadian and global history.

We have helped convince an increasingly large group of people to join the party through our #CPCInflux campaign (March 1-28, 2017)  and, in doing so, have created an opportunity for the Conservative leadership candidates to impress new members that otherwise they’d likely never have contact with. It is up to the candidates to choose to engage with this new base of largely younger and well-educated voters by addressing their specific issues of concern. We believe this choice is of vital importance as Canada’s strength comes from working together instead of working to divide.  We encourage the candidates to make this positive choice. Great ideas and real solutions come about when people work together across party lines.

The unknown policies of front-runner Kevin O’Leary and the illogical, fear-based politics of Kellie Leitch threaten Canadian democracy. We remain committed to continuing to amplify the #CPCinflux, signing up new Conservative members in a way that adheres to CPC rules and engaging them in the process of electing a new Party Leader. Once the registration period ends on March 28th we will begin evaluating the best single candidate that this new bloc of voters can rally behind to defeat O’Leary and Leitch and ( if elected in 2019) serve Canada as a well-reasoned and principled Prime Minister.

Statement on Kevin O’Leary
Corporatist in Conservative Clothing

March 8, 2017

The global financial crisis of 2008 was a huge wake-up call to the world about just how corrupt high-level politicians and international corporations have become. Anyone paying attention is aware that we are now in the midst of a new economic bubble as the legislation put in place afterward will soon be stripped back by the new American government.

Canada was able to weather the massive economic downturn thanks to conservative banking regulations and a strong natural resources sector.  As America again flirts with disastrous laissez-faire regulations, the Conservative Party is flirting with half-American/half-shark Kevin O’Leary.

Born in Canada but residing in the US, this Conservative Leadership candidate frequently states his desire to kill the very regulations that protected Canada from experiencing the economic turmoil still playing out in the States.

Canada’s greatest strength lies in its ability to govern with input from across the political spectrum.  Electing a champion of deregulation and American-style corporate culture to the country’s highest office would likely be a vital blow Canada’s economic health and open up our country’s laws up to the same type of manipulation prevalent in the USA.

Canada can’t afford the possibility of electing a Prime Minister that’s just visiting.  The Liberals tried with Michael Ignatieff in 2011 and now the Conservative party is poised to elect another American visitor to lead Canada.  Like Trump, Kevin O’Leary is a candidate who puts the interest of international corporations and billionaires (like himself) first – not the middle class, not Canada, and certainly not yours.

Join us in rejecting Kevin O’Leary’s brand of untested corporate government by engaging with our campaign and joining the Conservative Party to vote for a reasonable candidate who reflects real Canadian values like inclusion, respect and constructive political discussion.


Statement on Kellie Leitch’s “Canadian Values” Screening

March 6, 2017

Today, Kellie Leitch released a sample of her Canadian values questions in an advertisement on a mainstream media website. These questions would be asked in face-to-face interviews that Leitch herself has said will put a strain on the immigration system. These interviews would be mostly redundant after a 2-3 year application process.

Canada’s immigration system is considered one of the best in the world at screening poor candidates and monitoring suspect ones. Spending additional money on overbearing redundancies while creating more paperwork and bureaucracy will place more stress on Canadian pocketbooks. This campaign policy will undoubtedly increase stress on the public consciousness and lead to more division among Canadians.

We reject Kellie Leitch’s new policy as we reject her weak leadership. In the following weeks, A Strong Canada will be polling our members and other Canadians to determine the best candidate to not only defeat Kellie Leitch and Kevin O’Leary but lead the Conservative party with the strength to hold all other political parties to account in Canada to create stronger discussion and a more unified country.


New Campaign Launches to Encourage ALL Canadians to Vote in CPC Leadership Race, Regardless of Prior Party Affiliations A Strong Canada Promotes Positive Discourse in Canadian Politics

February 22, 2017

As Canadians continue to process the election of Donald Trump, the Conservative Party of Canada’s upcoming Leadership election has taken centre-stage in Canadian politics. While the field is large, the entry of Kevin O’Leary and the radical populism of Kellie Leitch have left many Canadians worried that Canada in 2019 could look very much like the US in 2016.

A Strong Canada (ASC) is an independent effort to ensure that the toxic politics that have gripped America do not gain a legitimate foothold in Canada and that political opponents who disagree can still respect one another. Canadians are presented with a unique opportunity to prevent divisive, radical populist politics from rising to prominence within the Conservative Party. ASC encourages all Canadians to join the Conservative party by March 28th, even if it’s something they’d normally never consider, and to vote in the leadership race for a candidate reflective of the Canadian values of respect, inclusion and open political discussion.

The campaign was launched by entrepreneur, Aaron Binder, and political activist, Nicholas Tsergas – two Canadians who would not usually vote for the Conservative Party but felt compelled to join out of the fear of a Trump-like radical populist seizing control over one of the country’s major parties. Aaron and Nicholas will continue to write articles about the leadership race while convincing regular Canadians why their democratic right to join the CPC and vote in the race should be exercised – a minimum goal of 3,000 new party members has been set with the hopes of reaching 10,000 to stop the rise of radical populism in Canada and facilitate stronger discourse across party lines.

For more information or interviews, please visit or email


​A Strong Canada is a campaign to get regular Canadians more involved in their government through simple actions. After seeing what happened in the 2016 American election, A Strong Canada was started to prevent the radical populism which has overtaken our southern neighbours from becoming a reality in Canada.