Mission and Depolarization


To foster and develop the next evolution of citizen-engagement in Canadian politics through thoughtful, exciting and highly interactive New Media content.


  • To create fair and balanced coverage for ALL people across the political spectrum
  • To give an organized voice to young and apartisan Canadians through New Media
  • To pay attention to underrepresented topics affecting Canadians

The Problem:

– Far-Left and Far-Right Voices are Controlling the Conversation
– Media and politics have both become increasingly weaponized and extreme.
– A Strong Canada (ASC) wants to depolarize, demilitarize and re-civilize these important conversations.

Our Target Audience

Primarily young people but all age groups that want an alternative, unbiased voice when it comes to talking about and covering issues.

Long-Term Strategy: An Antidote for Toxic Conversation

Media in Canada and the States has become increasingly based around immediacy, sensationalism and polarization. To respond to this we have built a platform that accomplishes 3 goals:

  1. Bring people of all political affiliations together to talk about issues
  2. Deeply engage with viewers to keep them in our ecosystem
  3. Maintain a strong, undiluted, multi-partisan voice

Many Canadians want to be engaged in politics and issues but are provided limited information on issues of actual importance to them by established media – causing many to lose interest in the Canadian political system. Canadians are disconnected from issues which affect their lives due to extreme voices allowed to dominate mainstream media conversations – voices which do not represent the sentiments or political attitudes of most Canadians.
We are creating an online environment where Canadians are encouraged to engage through media channels and explore their political universe.

Funding Strategy

Our optimal funding model is crowd-sourced funding. Using this model we are able to ensure quality coverage without strings attached to larger donors. Our Patreon is open and we encourage you to donate and preserve good political discourse in Canada.

Why A Strong Canada Needs Your Support

A Strong Canada is currently seeking financial support to assist us in meeting our operational requirements. This type of engagement is important to preserve and strengthen Canada’s democracy in an increasingly volatile and polarized world.

Since the beginning of our operation at the end of February 2017, we have steadily gained groundswell support across Canada and continue to show consistent organic growth. To keep the momentum going and successfully pivot to our long-term strategy we need help. With your input and support, we can focus on key issues important to the future of all Canadians, and change the national conversation through strong media leadership.