Mission and Depolarization

Mission and Depolarization

What the Heck are Y’all Doing?!

If you’re like us, you’re tired of the constant Left VS. Right narrative playing out in politics, media and in-person conversations.  It’s boring and divisive – and just like you we want to change it.

A Strong Canada is doing this through our Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels.  How?  We’re taking a look at hot-button issues and analyzing them from all sides.  We have people within our organization that identify as Socialists, Libertarians, Centrists and everywhere else in between.  Because of this we are able to distill multiple opinions into a central idea.

Strangely enough this has caused us to realize that we tend to agree with each other way more often than not – we’re all just speaking different languages.  Our blogs, videos and interviews are searching for those universal truths and building positive dialogue between traditional opponents.

We’re doing this all to help depolarize politics in Canada to avoid the fate of our neighbours to the South – all too often we’ve heard stories of families refusing to sit at the same table or even talk to each other because of their perceived differences.  Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen in Canada too – read below to find out about our Depolarization mission.

The Polarization Problem

– Far-Left and Far-Right Voices are Controlling the Media and Political Conversation.
– Media and politics have both become increasingly weaponized and extreme.
– A Strong Canada (ASC) wants to depolarize, demilitarize and re-engage these important conversations.

Long-Term Strategy: An Antidote for Toxic Conversation

Media in Canada and the States has become increasingly based around immediacy, sensationalism and polarization. To respond to this we have built a platform that accomplishes 3 goals:

  1. Bring people of all political affiliations together to talk about issues
  2. Deeply engage with viewers, we want to hear your opinion too!
  3. Maintain a strong, undiluted, multi-partisan voice

Many Canadians want to be engaged in politics and issues but are turned off by the constant Left VS. Right narrative common in media and politics – causing many to lose interest in the Canadian political system. Canadians are disconnected from issues which affect their lives due to extreme voices allowed to dominate mainstream media conversations – voices which do not represent the sentiments or political attitudes of most Canadians.

We are creating an online environment where Canadians are encouraged to engage through media channels and explore their political universe.


To foster and develop the next evolution of citizen-engagement in Canadian politics through thoughtful, exciting and highly interactive New Media content.


  • To create fair and balanced coverage for ALL people across the political spectrum
  • To give an organized voice to young and apartisan Canadians through New Media
  • To pay attention to underrepresented topics affecting Canadians

Like What You See? Help Keep Us Going

A Strong Canada is currently seeking financial support to assist us in meeting our operational requirements. This type of engagement is important to preserve and strengthen Canada’s democracy in an increasingly volatile and polarized world.  Consider donating a couple bucks a month to our Patreon account.

Since the beginning of our operation at the end of February 2017, we have steadily gained groundswell support across Canada and continue to show consistent organic growth. To keep the momentum going and successfully pivot to our long-term strategy we need help.