NDP Coverage Timeline

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NDP Coverage Timeline

Phase 1 – Join the NDP

The rise of toxic populism around the globe in the last couple of years has been handily met by resistance from grassroots groups and political parties. After a jump to the centre in the 2015 Canadian election, the NDP is now trying to pull back to the left.

We think that everyone with an interest in enhancing Canada’s democracy and government should be involved in this race as voters, observers and commentators. We are at our best when our ideas are pulled out of safe spaces, challenged and then refined.

If you’re not a member of another Federal political party, and especially if you don’t always see eye to eye with the NDP, we encourage you to join their party and help us shake things up by creating honest, intense and valuable discussion.

Phase 2 – Comprehensive Candidate-Assessment

August 17 – September 20

During phase 2 we are interviewing the candidates, analyzing their voting records, consulting with experts on the mathematical intricacies of the Conservative Party’s electoral system and of course, keeping the discussion going with the larger ASC Community.

Why are we doing this insane amount of work? To pick the best candidate able to create a competitive NDP and possibly lead the country.

Stay with us on Facebook and Twitter, If you’re not involved, now is your chance! Over the next four weeks we’ll be releasing footage of candidate interviews and analyzing our research/data – there’s going to be a lot to talk about.

How We Are Assessing Candidates

Just like our coverage of the Federal Conservative leadership race, A Strong Canada has begun conducting an assessment of the remaining candidates based on the following criteria:

Input from the ASC community (focus groups, interviews, social media communications)

The platform of the candidate: can we live with this person as our Prime Minister? Do they not suck?

Candidate-viability: the actual chance a candidate has of being competitive as leader of the party and holding Justin Trudeau’s Liberals to account

Once we present our results, all of us will rally behind a reasonable and viable candidate who represents the values of all of us and not just special interest groups, donors, and the country’s lunatic-fringe. Our chosen candidate will be someone who isn’t awful and who, if elected Prime Minister in 2019, we could all live with.

Phase 3 – Election Results and Future Plans

Stay Tuned!