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Ballot Recommendations

A Strong Canada was created with a singular mission in mind: To diminish the probability of Kevin O’Leary or Kellie Leitch from ascending to Conservative Party Leadership. Since O’Leary’s departure from the race, our mandate has become more focused: Stop Kellie Leitch.
Tens of thousands of people have joined the Conservative Party with the same mission in mind – this is the #CPCinflux movement. Party insiders estimate the total number of Influxers to be around 80,000 people.

We are one of many groups who formed to bolster the Influx and to give it an organized voice. In order to properly accomplish this, we did two things:

  1. We undertook a massively intense, months-long process of Candidate Assessment. This involved gathering and analyzing information on the candidates’ activities in the past, and engagement with candidates and their campaigns on and off camera.
  2. We reached out to other leaders within the Influx and created partnerships (TolerableOpposition, EndBigotry), engaging in a consultation process which resulted in the production and promotion of a recommended ballot by those two groups at the beginning of May.

Initially, our plan was to release the same ballot recommendations as our partners in the Influx, and we are. Their ballot is for the most part sound – if the goal is to elect a competent Conservative Leader with demonstrated appeal to all Canadians.

If, on the other hand, the goal is what we originally said it was – Stop Kellie Leitch – then the ballot needs to look different. This is why we’re presenting not one, but two options: the Vegan Option promoted by other Influx groups – with our critique – and the Knockout Punch – the ballot to stop Kellie Leitch.

Ballot#1: The Vegan Option

The ballot released by other Influx groups at the beginning of May looks like this:

It’s a sound ballot, and we had a hand in creating it. However, we do have three major bones to pick with it:

  1. Chris Alexander – Socially and economically progressive. Victim of a well-executed smear campaign. He should be higher on this ballot.
  2. Rick Peterson – Highly socially progressive. Could be one of the best negotiators in terms of international trade deals that this country has ever seen. We’d move him up.
  3. Their mission changed. The mission being to make sure that certain candidates do not get elected. What the ballot above aims to accomplish is to elect the most desirable candidate(s).

To be clear – our mission, as it stands until May 27th is to stop Kellie Leitch.

Ballot #2: The Knockout Punch

For those voters who remain committed to the original goal (see: Stop Kellie Leitch), here is our suggestion as to how to structure your ballot.

  1. Maxime Bernier
  2. Andrew Scheer
  3. Erin O’Toole

This is going to come as a big surprise to some of you…but after weeks of analysis this is the conclusion we have come to. Based on the most recent data from Eric Grenier at CBC, iPolitics, Global and more, we expect the above choices to be the best chance at knocking out Kellie Leitch quickly.

There’s lots of information on the rest of the candidates throughout the site, our Youtube channel, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and we hope before you make your decision that you’ll go through it.

Long Term Plans

As we wrap up this stage of our campaign we are happy to announce our next move to begin coverage of / engagement in the national NDP leadership race. We’re taking a couple weeks off to re-tool and find a beach somewhere but we’ll be back with more interviews, ideas and information that a growing number of Canadians are finding valuable in lieu of relying on traditional media.