What Is Party Crashing and Why Do We Need It In Canada?

What Is Party Crashing and Why Do We Need It In Canada?
Party Crashing is a new and socially-disruptive form of political engagement. Let’s be clear, it’s “socially-disruptive” in a positive way, like Lyft. It’s simple. If you lean left, you go right, and vice versa.
“It’s simple. If you lean left, you go right, and vice versa.”
In Canadian terms, if you feel strongly that the Conservative party’s policy lacks environmental focus, or that the Conservatives are socially regressive, you should become a Conservative.
On the other side of things, if you’re a self-described Conservative, and are disheartened by what you see as the Left’s disregard for Freedom of Speech, or their fiscal irresponsibility, then you need to join the NDP.
Throughout 2017 and 2018, people have been taking action and “Party Swapping” in this way.
Why are so many people doing this?
In short, to put steer the country to positive, unified outcomes that benefit all Canadians.
As a society, we’re becoming increasingly tribal as we seal ourselves off into comfortable ideological echo-chambers. We’re all guilty of this, and the fact is even if you’re trying hard not to do the echo-chamber thing our increasing use of social media is forcing us into it via content-aggregation algorithms (and Russia!).
The result of all this?
Politics is now a team sport dominated by bitter rivals that may not even know why they oppose one another. Look no further than down South to see where this goes and exactly how bad it can get.

What can you do?

Cross-partisans from across the country are now involved in their local riding organizations and we’d like you to join them in promoting good policy on the grassroots levels of the NDP and Conservative parties.
Let’s be very clear. We are not promoting this idea to hurt the Conservative Party or the NDP or trying to create “three Liberal parties” as some have wrongly concluded. We simply want to live in a Canada where people on the Left, Right and Centre can aspire to greater ideas and see them come to life by working together instead of engaging in an endless pissing match pitting the population against itself.

“Will I be a spy or something?”

Uhh, sure. You can call yourself whatever you want.

“I’m kind of worried though, what I get into a riding association and they find out why I’m there?”

Not all cross-partisans choose to announce themselves once they find their way into association meetings. Some have, and have found the people they’ve met in the receiving parties and riding associations to be pleasant and welcoming of the new ideas and fresh energy, but many of us have chosen not to announce ourselves.
We keep track of who is participating in cross-partisanism, where, and to what effect, but our list is kept private. It’s also double-triple encrypted and only we’ve got the key. Ideally, we could operate with maximum transparency but usually the ridings that need our help the most are less welcoming to new, future-friendly ideas.

So how do I do it?

It’s simple. Get in touch and we’ll fill you in from there.
Do you simply like the idea but don’t have time to get involved?  Hook us up with a couple bucks through our Patreon account so we can continue building better conversations between ALL Canadians.
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