Who We Are

Who we Are

A Strong Canada was launched by Nicholas Tsergas and Aaron Binder in 2017 after many discussions with angry uncles across dining room tables. The fear-based political discussion that has overrun America is bubbling up just beneath the surface here in Canada and we desire to keep our political discourse positive, evidence-informed and future-oriented instead of passively letting things slide in a backwards direction.

Both founders of A Strong Canada believe that people should have the ability to make informed decisions and hold fruitful conversations with friends, family and strangers to better our country through unified decision-making instead of fear-based, sensationalized doctrine and mass social panic stoked by divisive demagogues.

For media inquiries, interviews or further information, please email us or contact us via Twitter.


Nicholas Tsergas

Nicholas Tsergas A Strong Canada

Nicholas has been involved in political activism since 2010 and is currently working on developing new advocacy structures in Ontario’s nursing industry through evidence-informed policy and increased grassroots engagement. In 2016 he launched the popular @trump_googles Twitter campaign and in 2009 led a 20,000 strong “Deactivate Facebook” campaign. He can also be found as a co-author with Aaron on select Huffington Post articles.

Aaron Binder A Strong Canada

Aaron Binder

Aaron is a co-owner at Go Tours Canada, VR/AR Producer and Public Speaker. Over the past 10 years he has developed cultural commentaries through projects like Clara Gluten Free Water and advocated more locally for Windsor, Ontario through the Windsor Yes! Twitter campaign. Aaron can occasionally be found on the Huffington Post writing about politics and consumer legislation.

Kasey Dunn

Kasey Dunn
Kasey is the co-founder of Brick and Mortar – a nonprofit provider of space and programming dedicated to supporting independent artists and revolutionizing grassroots theatre. Kasey has been involved in political activism since 2012, driving change for animal rights through legislative advocacy. She has been responsible for the development of new bylaws for animal protection in municipalities across Ontario. If you are looking for Kasey, she’ll either be at one of her theatre spaces, or looking after foster animals in the animal-rescue she co-directs.